What do we offer

We make the whole healthcare eco-system smarter and more efficient through innovations and collaborations, leveraging cutting edge digital technology and a data driven approach. We provide online medical consultations for national and regional public healthcare providers and healthcare organisations wishing to improve patient access to care and relieve the burden on staff.

Better for people

Fast, convenient, high-quality healthcare at the time and place of your choice.

Better for doctors

Professional development opportunities and the freedom to take on a more varied caseload, with the support of structured data collection and less administrative duties.

Better for society

A more efficient healthcare system and shorter waiting lists.

Business 2 consumer - patient benefits

We bring primary healthcare closer to people at all times through our unique and efficient ways of working. Our flexible and time-optimizing asynchronous health care service is utilizing text, images and video when patients interact with doctors and other healthcare professionals via mobile or webb. Providing improved access to care via Min Doktor frees up many resources at various levels in the conventional healthcare system, so that those patients who really need to see a doctor in person at a medical centre or A&E department can be offered better care.

Our doctors and midwives have access to unique digital tools and methods to provide care safely and efficiently. They are able to constantly improve on their healthcare competence and quality through peer-to-peer reviewing. Our technology is reliable, safe and stands above several traditional health care norms to ensure a qualitative primary healthcare experience (Comparison Swedish regional norms).
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