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We provide online medical consultations – a straightforward, efficient process for both doctor and patient.

How it works

Patients write up their own notes by filling in a form to answer the doctor’s questions. Most communication between doctor and patient occurs in writing and not in real time. The doctor uses a mobile application with decision-making support in the form of structured data collection. Doctors can also use images, video calling, test results and radiological findings to arrive at a diagnosis, decide on any treatment and follow up with the patient.
Patient records are treated as confidential, and only the healthcare professionals treating the patient are allowed to read the notes, as required by law. Personal information is stored in encrypted form.


Patient answers questions about their symptoms


Gets in contact with the doctor


Sends messages and uploads pictures to the doctor


Patient can go a take tests at a lab


Patient gets diagnosis and treatment
Patient and doctor communicate in writing, regardless of time and location, via our secure and user-friendly mobile app or webb. This saves time on both sides.
Patients help to write up their own notes, which provide the basis for the doctor’s opinion. This saves time and makes the doctor’s job easier, while giving patients greater control over their care.
The digitised process also handles triage, helping to determine the correct level of care where indicators in the notes suggest that the patient can be referred directly to another provider (before the case reaches a doctor and incurs costs) for counselling or physical examination.
Min Doktor guarantees transparency and traceability throughout the care chain.
Patients have access to their digital records at all times.
In line with WHO guidelines, we are actively working to reduce the use of antibiotics.

In Sweden over 100 specialist doctors, midwives and physioterapeuts work for Min Doktor.

In Sweden, Min Doktor works in partnership with publicly and privately operated testing facilities at medical centres and hospitals. This allows us to refer patients for diagnostic tests such as samples, spirometry, ultrasound scans and X-rays. Fees for testing and analysis are agreed direct with each testing facility.
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